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Oshawa Space Invaders Is Here

Downtown Oshawa's empty storefronts and forgotten spaces are given new life thanks to local artists and community organizers.
Susan in Lishman Rocker
You've got options.

If you are wondering about where and when to check out Oshawa Space Invaders, be sure to visit the official OSI website. If you are looking for an excellent overview, you should read the article by Mike Ruta in The Oshawa This Week. And if you wonder how it all began, check out a previous OshaWhat article by Margaret Rodgers that shares some of the original ArtFest happenings that inspired this revival.

And finally, if you're looking for some sneak peak photos of the installations and some of the artists involved, read on.

All images courtesy Steven Frank, with many thanks to the artists involved.

Jeff Leech with Sarah
Olex Wlasenko lines up his piece at 14 Ontario Street

Francis Muscat

50 Bond Street -- View Toward Back

Barry Smylie previews Durham 3rd yr show

Barry Smylie with Sean McQuay

Lynne McIlvride-Evans

Bola Install

Bola Preview

Mark Fordham Alien at 20 Simcoe N

Bola view of Darlene Cole

Liisa Whalley and Will McGuirk Approve

The Pink Wall

Installation front 50 Bond Tony Cooper

A way to hide things.

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