Durham Youth Orchestra

A youth musician as well as my friend, Chelsie Vaillancourt speaks to me about two local youth orchestras; the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra and the Durham Youth Orchestra over lunch. Chelsie is in grade 8 and plays the flute.
PANDORA WOTTON: First, let’s talk about the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra. When did you get into LJYO?
CHELSIE VAILLANCOURT: I’ve been a part of it for 3 years, this is my third year.PW: Do you think this orchestra is something a lot of other youths would be interested in?
CV: Yeah, definitely. The environment is really welcoming, and everyone’s really enthusiastic there. Everyone bonds really well.

PW: What was the auditioning process like?
CV: They got me to play a few scales, I did a little bit of sight reading, and then I played two contrasting pieces, one fast one slow. It was really relaxed; there was a lot of talking.

PW: Where are rehearsals held?
CV: It’s mainly in Port Hope, but sometimes in Northumberland.

PW: Why did you join LJYO?
CV: I obviously love music, and because I’ve heard a lot about it and how great it was, and I know that I’ve learned a lot, especially from playing with them.

PW: Now let’s talk about the DYO. How long have you been in the Durham Youth Orchestra?
CV: I got into the DYO first. This is my fifth year.

PW: How is DYO different from LJYO?
CV: The music we play in DYO is full orchestra pieces, like Beethoven and Mozart, as opposed to LJYO, where we play movie pieces.

PW: What was the auditioning process for DYO like?
CV: It was easier. I only had to play one piece, and it was much more relaxed.

PW: Where are rehearsals for DYO held?
CV: In Ajax. We rehearse in a high school.

Joining either or even both of these orchestras is a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in music. Whether you want to get more practice performing or if you want to improve on your instrumental skills, you can get something out of joining.
If you are interested in joining either of these orchestras, go to or to learn more about the orchestras and how you can join.