Where am I?

You are visiting OshaWhat.ca, a volunteer-run, alternative, online magazine covering arts, culture and good ideas in Durham Region. This is a media platform by and for the community. Send tips, ideas and questions to hello@oshawhat.ca.

Where has this been all my life?

This site is brand-spankin’ new. It launched in February 2012.

Why should I care?

This website features a collection of articles, reviews, columns, comics, photography and illustrations about your city, from local writers and artists. It’s updated as often as we can, so check back to see what’s new. To learn about new stuff as it is posted, follow @oshawhatmag on Twitter or like OshaWhatMag on Facebook.

How can a website be a magazine?

Because we live in a world of ever-changing digital magic and no one knows what’s what anymore. (Anyone who pretends to know is faking it. Don’t trust them.) We’re trying to have the focus and rigour of a print magazine, but we pour it into a snazzy digital format for your convenience.

Who are you people?

OshaWhat is created by a group of very attractive local artsy nerds. We’re doing this in our spare time. We have day jobs, we’re in school, we’re taking care of our families, we’re looking for work… we’re a whole bunch of things and now we have extra deadlines. Learn more about the OshaWhat team on our contributors page.

Why are you doing this?

Someone had to.

I want to play too.

Cool. We are always looking for writers, designers, illustrators, photographers and subject-matter experts to join in. If you aren’t sure how you could help, and you want to explore options, drop us a line. We prefer research and reporting to experiential stuff, so show us you are ready to work.

To pitch an article or be considered for the contributors list, please write to Erin, editor OshaWhat Magazine at hello@oshawhat.ca and include the following items:

– your C.V.
– a 200–300 word introduction that explains who you are and why you want to volunteer your time to contribute to OshaWhat
– a link to your blog, portfolio site or website if you have one
– three samples of your best artwork OR three writing samples of unedited non-fiction.

We get a large volume of mail and will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you!