Summer Pests? Get Professional Advice from a Local Oshawa Exterminator

For many of us Ontarians summer is the best season of all. The weather is finally great and we can safely start spending some time outside. Family BBQ or just for activities. But just as we enjoy the summer, so do pests. Oshawa homes can prone to having insect and pest problems in the summertime. This article will list the most common pests in Oshawa and what you can do to keep them from spoiling your summer. Keeping pests under control will help prevent further problems from occurring in the future. We connected with local pest control Oshawa exterminator for some advice on dealing with some common summer pests.


Rats and mice are very common in the Greater Toronto area. In the winter they enter houses to find warmth. In the summer they tend to break into houses to get away from the heat and find water sources and maybe a little air conditioned refreshment. Rats can build tunnels underground that reach into the foundation,. From there they can enter the basement. Mice are much smaller and can enter form tiny little openings on the siding, brick or even soffits.


Ants can a nuisance to most Oshawa residents. They seem to appear out of nowhere and multiply rapidly, which can make them very difficult to get rid of. Pavement ants are the most common and take shelter under patio stones, concrete slabs and even a paved driveway. Most ants can be a nuisance but they don’t pose much harm and they wont cause any damage. The only ants that can cause damage over time are the carpenter ants – the big black ones. If you see carpenter ants you might want to get some professional help. Over the counter pest control supplies do not work.


Wasps are problematic pests that love to come bother us when we’re eating outside. These pests are attracted to garbage cans, barbecues, and sweet foods. They usually build nests above ground, such as in the soffits, roof eaves, and shutters of the home. Wasps may even nest in the walls by crawling through the weep vents. Keep wasps out by cleaning up after every meal and storing garbage in sealed containers. If you suspect an infestation, call an exterminator for complete removal.

Summer is a special time of year that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Keeping your eye on pests and making sure you that you don’t leave any issues unchecked will guarantee that no pest problem will grow out of control. If things start getting out of control call a professional exterminator. Professionals have the training and equipment to identify pests and get rid of them safely.